Lisbon Guide and Favourites

Last updated on 14-Aug-2019

Lisbon is Portugal‘s hilly capital and largest city, located at the mouth of the Tagus River (where it opens into the Atlantic Ocean). It is a beautiful and vibrant city, where modern life thrives along lots of history and charm. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, having gone through different invasions, empires, settlements, and waves of immigration. Currently, many of those influences can still be recognized in monuments and architecture, and the living result is a very interesting mix of people, cultures, music, and cuisine.

There is a lot to see and do in Lisbon, with a variety of museums, beautiful churches and squares, endless restaurants, bars, cafés and bakeries, lively nightlife, plenty of live music and cultural events, and so much more. You can spend a lot of time there and always have something new to discover. Check out the Lisboa Card, for access to transit, entry to attractions, deals and discounts.

The city is said to have been built on “seven hills”, but walking up and down the steep terrain, I came to believe there are way more than seven! 😉 The geography has the advantage of offering breathtaking views from its several lookouts/viewpoints (miradouros), which are great locations to appreciate and photograph the scenery from different perspectives.

Lisbon has an excellent and affordable public transportation network, with metro (subway), buses, and trams (don’t miss a ride on the nostalgic 28 Tram – it’s an attraction in itself!). A car is not needed to explore the city itself (and may be a hassle due to heavy traffic and limited parking), but it is nice to have a car available for day trips to Sintra and Cascais (also easily reachable by train), to Sesimbra and Setubal, to the beaches in the Arrábida region, to Mafra and Obidos, etc.

Check out this Lisbon Guide offering a wide range of information and links to local resources (or this Google list). Here are some of the top-rated attractions and also some of our favourites:

Ever been to Lisbon or planning to visit? Feel free to ask questions or leave suggestions of your favourites in the comments!


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