Last updated on 25-Apr-2019

Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Hellen and I decided to write this blog as a way to share happy moments, to talk about delicious food, and to document our travels and experiences (me and my hubby). “Viva” means “to live” or “alive”, and it’s also an exclamation of “cheers!”, and I believe everyone deserves more of that.

One of the ideas for VivaHappy is to share my adventures in the kitchen. I love to cook and to try new recipes. Most times it works well, but I’ve also had some epic fails! Here I’ll share recipes I try or develop myself, and my honest opinion on them, as an untrained home cook. Join me as I explore, learn and improve.

I currently live in Toronto, Canada, and many posts will be about this wonderful city and other areas/cities nearby. Please also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

I hope to make you smile with every post and thank you for going on this journey with me – VivaHappy always!